Latex Hands
I needed some quick, easy and light weight posable latex hands for my FCG.. so  I did this simple project anyone can do. The hands only took minutes to form.. a few more minutes to wrap in cotton, and a couple more minutes to paint on the latex.. the longest would be drying time.. depending on how much latex and cotton you add to the hands.. the longer the drying time. You don't have to be an expert latex artist to do this simple project..
anyone can do it!
Supplies:  Cotton
                Pipe Cleaners
                Mold Latex
                Small paint brush
Starting out with a standard hand shape made from  pipe cleaners .. be sure to wrap the wrist area extra tight... wrap each knuckle area with one pipe cleaner creating nice knuckle shapes.. then web the fingers together with another pipe cleaner wraping it around each finger as you go across the hand
You will then brush on latex over the whole hand... I used cotton balls for the cotton application.. just unroll them and they are perfect.. once the hands are covered in a light coat of latex .. lay the cotton on top and press it around the form .. caution .. this gets a little sticky.. hee hee
Once you have the hands all covered in cotton.. brush latex over the hands again.. allow to dry.. I let mine dry over night so I'm not sure of exact drying time.. for this size, which is standard human hand I'd say around 4 hours completely... once first coat is dry I then applied a second coat for added thickness. Once you are happy with the way they look .. let dry and they are ready to paint and add to your prop of choice.
Below are hands made in the same way only much larger using wire instead of pipe cleaners
Started out shaping a heavy gauge wire in the shape of hands.. then wrapped cotton around the wire for the knuckle area.. and then covered completely with duct tape
Then covered in latex and thin layer of cotton and latex again.. gave thickness and nice texture.
Painted hands white with shades of gray and added them to my props.