Halloween 2005
Progress Pics 
And the back yard starts taking shape ...

Ok so I took too many pics...lol... wanted to make sure I got as many angles as I could.. I'm so pleased with how it's coming along

Tomorrow I'll take some daylight pics of the hearse... we ran out of light today and it was dark before we knew it

Full view of the back yard

I love how some of these photos turned out!

Here's one of the ghost.. she's behind the hearse over in the back of the cemetery

We covered the hearse in spider webs and I added little sketetal hands as curtain tiebacks

The lantern even works!

I love this pic! My Fav!

Below are a few day time pics
Bob finally able to get his skeletal horse built that he had been planning for years..  doesn't he look cool ... the head will be moving soon....
Click on the horse below to see how it came to life
Click here to see how the horse was built