Halloween 2005
Horse Drawn Hearse
This is a How-to on how to make a Horse drawn hearse in a quick simple and less expensive way.  ... First of all we used all "seconds" or "Damaged" lumber to save money on the building materials .... the look of this hearse is suppose to be very old and untaken care of ... so this works out perfectly

Click here for the actual plans

Bob starts out with building the base and then moves on to cut out the sides .. he clamps the sheets of wood together so that he cuts both pieces atthe same time so they match perfectly

This particular Hearse is for Prop use only and will not roll so we have it placed upon a heavy duty craft table .... the sides are attached and now it's time to add trim

1x6s are used as the trim around the top of the hearse

Small blocks of wood are cut to complete the bottom look of the hearse at the end of each column

PVC pipe is cut for the corners and the columns

Weather stripping is used for a little bit of detail on the columns .... and a wooden dowel is also cut to add small detail pieces at the top of each column
Foam pipe insulation is used around the room to give it that rounded finished look ...

Then of course you paint it all black!

click here for a how-to on making hearse wheels 

Plastic bowls were used as the hubs for the wheels ... a bit of gold paint and wow... instant hub!

Black fabric stapled inside a nd gathered with ornamental skeletal hands add a great touch for the curtains

The lantern is your everyday house light attached to a black plastic storage bin used as the seat ... hey in the dark you can't tell it's a plastic bin!

As you can see to save time and money the other side is left undone.. well no will see it from that side anyway ...lol

Here you can see the weather stripping and the wooden dowel pieces added to each column

There you go! Your very own Horse Drawn hearse Prop !