Welcome to our Halloween Haunted House for 2004!!

Welcome to the Andrews Cemetery .... unfortunately we have no fence to keep all the spirits in this year sooo be very careful, for who knows what lurks these hollowed grounds..
By Next weekend there will be a mourner in the cemetery .. a coffin will be added but not until Oct. 29th to protect it from weather.
Fog will pour out from the bushes and of course there will be thunder and lightning ..
The Mourner .. the day of she will be standing over a coffin with life insurance papers in hand :-)
Our Fake FCG Puppet  .. I have made 2 .. 1 will be outside the door coming out of the witch's room going into the cemetery and the other will be hiding around the corner of the house in the middle of the cemetery .. hee hee .. Once it's dark out and the puppetier is in all black ... this prop should be a hit :-)

Thanks to Merlin for coming up with this wonderful Idea!!!!
Merlin's How-to
Video of FCG Puppet
in Action
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